About me

A certified PSYCH-K® Facilitator, Life Coach from The Life Coach School & a Full Focus Planner Pro.

At my core, I’m a healer. I’m a trauma-trained coach who’s trained with the very best somatic experiencing practitioners and work with healing modalities including attachment styles, Polyvagal Theory and memory reconsolidation.

I’m also a stock trader, and it was while learning to trade that I realized how crucial it is to coach one’s brain through the roller coaster of emotions! Several other traders started to ask me for help, and now I coach both individuals and groups on trading psychology.

Through my coaching, they learn to calm their racing thoughts and heartbeats. They go from a Panicky Trader to a Zen Trader, making their daily goals, regularly.

My coaching is a mix of proven neuroscience, psychology, and practices designed for you to embrace your whole self fully and opening you to receiving.  I believe that experiencing and enjoying life’s riches is a birthright, not an impossible dream.

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